Ant-Man 3 suffers the biggest box office flop for a Marvel movie

Ant-Man 3 could be one of Marve Studios’ biggest box office flops.

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania‘ is going to be in the news, but for things you didn’t expect, which is that in the field of box office, it’s being one of the worst movies at the moment for Marvel Studios. It seems that the MCU effect has fizzled out, and that may have consequences for the franchise, at least according to some sources.

Ant-Man 3 has the biggest box office drop of all time, breaking the worst possible record for Marvel

The third installment in the Ant-Man series saw a 69.7 percent drop in North America in its second weekend, topping the more than 67 percent drop Black Widow suffered in its second week. And although it managed to remain the highest grossing in the United States, it fell from 120.4 million dollars to 32.2 million at the box office, a huge drop.

It has officially become the movie with the biggest falls within the MCU, so this sets a negative precedent for Marvel Studios , who is mired in a delicate position in the face of fatigue from the superhero public.

Counting the domestic and international box office, Ant-Man 3 has grossed a total of $363.6 million at the box office, so it has already exceeded the budget it took to make the movie . And according to predictions, the film will probably exceed 500 million dollars, staying far from the figures that these films are used to since they are under the mantle of Disney.

Why does Ant-Man 3 have such a bad box office?

Many point to bad publicity, and others believe it is because the movie was not announced for what it really was, the introduction to Marvel Studios Phase 5, and the road to Avengers 5 . To this we could add the aforementioned fatigue and the hostile environment that exists on social networks in the superhero genre, more than enough ingredients so that this film, added to its own problems and mistakes, has not stood out.